what is Meeting?

Our work revolves around seeking out Meeting between:

  1. Participants and themselves
  2. Participants and each other
  3. Participants and the spectators

But what is Meeting?

For us, Meeting occurs when something precious is shared by the participant through structured, living action.

We say action because it is our medium and the tool by which performers can crystallize their impulses.

We say the action needs to be structured because without form, the impulses fall apart into disarray and cannot be repeated (a painting needs a frame; a piece of music needs a score).

We say the action needs to be alive because living actions resonate with whomever witnesses them. When someone executes an action that is alive for them, their entire being becomes engaged, and in turn this causes engagement in the spectator. Seeking out the living actions allows us to hone in on what truly activates the performer, which in turn activates the spectator through experiencing along with the performer in real time.